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How to Invest

Looking to invest in innovation related to clean technology, renewable energy or other related asset classes? You'll find information below that will show you how to access upcoming opportunities on IR Plus and how to trade on IR Plus.

Access Upcoming Opportunities

To have the opportunity to view upcoming IR Plus investment opportunities, sign up to IR Plus's investor updates:

Listed Companies and Market Events

UPE Limited (UPE) Listing Telezon Limited (TLZ) Listing Greentech Flagship (GTF) Listing The Hon Chris Bowen MP Hon Bob Carr & Mark Johnson

View current investment opportunities on IR Plus by visiting company profiles.

Trade on IR Plus

IR Plus has certain Exchange Brokers who facilitate and support trading on the exchange. To trade on IR Plus, analyse IR Plus market data or to find an opportunity that may interest you contact a broker from the IR Plus list.

For more detailed information visit how to trade on IR Plus.

How to Access IR Plus Market Data

IR Plus produces a range of data available to both the public and information vendors. To access a range of historical and reference data and information services, visit IR Plus information services. You can also visit market data to access a range of market information online.


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